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Shaving Babes

Posted on: 2007-09-25 04:03

The lips of two beautiful blonde girls meet in a sensual kiss. As the camera pulls back they kiss again, their passionate juices flowing freely. One girl removes her top and instantly her nipple has been engulfed by a warm mouth and there’s a soft tongue running circles around it. They kiss again and there’s more tit sucking. When both girls get naked, minus their latex boots, a bottle of shaving cream appears.

These girls are here to entertain those of you that love watching hotties shave. They both have a little growth on their pussies so they spread the cream around and remove it with a sharp razor. They also have a little fun with the soft white substance, rubbing it all over their tits and stomachs. They’re so passionate for each other they can’t resist kissing while in the middle of shaving.

Laura Is A Salacious French Maid
Jana Shows Off Her Hot Curves
Edita Spreads In Her Pantyhose
Barbara Loosens Her Black Lingerie
Gabriella Flaunts Her Body Outdoors
Sophisticated Emillia Loves Showing Off
Jessica Spreads Her Legs Wrapped In Sexy Hose
Katerine's Mouthwatering Body Expose Under The Sun
Michelle Looses Her Corporate Attire For Some Hot Tease
Milli's Sensual And Naughty Side
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